Monday, September 26, 2011

Cancel Robot Music 2011 

Wetmusik have been forced to cancel their Australia Day Eve party, Robot Samba due to the venue not being able to open as planned.
The Heist Nightclub has today informed WetMusik that for legal reasons they can not open as planned in the month of January. As such they are in breach of contract and leave Robot Samba without a venue for next week’s event.
Wetmusik said “We therefore have no choice but to cancel the Robot Samba WetMusik event scheduled for Australia day eve Wed 25th. The show was shaping up to be a killer so we are very disappointed, but not interested in scrambling to deliver a sub standard show in a less then fantastic party space. We will however be rescheduling this event to a later date – WetMusik sincerely apologises for making you change your plans and will keep you informed of the rescheduled show details. This is truly out of our hands…”

The venue has also written a note of explanation:
‘’On behalf of the Heist nightclub I write this letter to inform all publics involved that due to legal proceedings the venue will not be able to open its doors. We sincerely apologize to WetMusik and its loyal fans for any inconvenience this has caused and we will make all attempts to rectify the situation. We would like to thank WetMusik for their patience with this matter and inform their fans that WetMusik has worked hard toward this event and this cancellation is as much a burden on them as it is for all involved.’‘